About Us

Vedanta Capital is looking to partner with a select group of growth stage companies in the information & communications technologies (ICT), life sciences and global commerce industries. We are an experienced team of investment and industry professionals looking to help build the global leaders of tomorrow.

While Vedanta Capital is a new entity, our team has worked together for many years. Our principals have been involved in over 300 venture capital investment transactions, spanning over 25 years, through several economic cycles, at multiple stages of development and in multiple industries. Areas of interest include ICT (information and communications technologies, equipment and services), life sciences (biotechnology, medical devices and health care services) and commerce (brick and mortar retailing, internet commerce, transaction processing and financial services.)

Vedanta, from the Sanskrit words “Veda” (knowledge) and “Anta” (end or goal) means “ultimate knowledge.” Ultimate knowledge comes from the experience we have collectively accumulated over the course of our careers, together with the vision and insight of the entrepreneurs and teams we back, the industry relationships we maintain and foster, the global presence we strive to develop, and the perspective and wisdom of our Limited Partners.

We started Vedanta Capital to build on this collective knowledge, and find the next generation of opportunities in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, where successful companies will need to operate across borders and address the needs of an international audience. Because we have relationships that span beyond national boundaries, we are keenly aware that well-conceived cross-border enterprises can provide a unique value proposition and a superior investment opportunity.

Over the years we have also learned that a diversified, cross-industry investment strategy provides a hedge against the cyclicality of a single industry, as well as the ability for us as a team to identify opportunities that fall in the “white space” between industries. We are often in a unique position to identify and evaluate attractive investment opportunities where technology is applied to other industries we know well, like retail or health care, or can enable the emergence of new industry segments, as we see in the energy industry. Much in the same way, because of the relationships we maintain in some of the largest emerging economies, such as India, we can now look for opportunities in the “cross-border white space,” where established business models and concepts can be migrated from the western world to developing nations.